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Dr. Strange, Howard the Duck, Elric, Conan the Barbarian, and many others!

Frank Brunner's Dinoforce

Dino Force is a creation of Frank Brunner currently
being offered for an animation, CGI, TV or movie project.

The Herbivores!

The Carnivores!

Real Heroes Eat Their Vegetables!

Beware the Razor Teeth! Defend the Herd! Welcome to Novasauria and a battle for two worlds! Mysteriously transplanted from Earth, and evolving independently for over sixty-five million years, incredible reptilian warriors descended from dinosaurs vie for the ultimate prize: Victory...Or Extinction!

Chasmo Triumphant!

Vicious carnivores, led by the vile Lord Clawmungus, wage a bitter war of opppression against their peaceful herbivorous kin.
Dino Force, a band of crested and horned heroes, rallies to defend the innocent and protect a fragile environment from black, devouring evil. Join us in a land of prehistoric beauty, primal savagery, and epic adventure. Feel the Thunder! Share the Excitement!
Never Surrender!

Three Against Darkness
Newest creations and re-creations! EXCLUSIVE! Prehistoric action-adventure! Another EXCLUSIVE! 136 pages of Frank's finest work over the last 4 decades!
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Whether it's pencil or ink, black and white or full-color, Frank's commission work is the best around! Click here to e-mail Frank any Questions or Comments you have!

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