Hello, Mr. Brunner, how do you do? Here Jose and Agustin from Spain. We just received this morning your Dr. Strange piece. We like it a lot! We got a lot of sketches and art from a great variety of artist in our collection but yours is the jewel of the crown!

¡Muchisimas gracias! Truly yours, Jose and Agustin Vigo Ortega

HI Frank,
Got home okay. The painting is great! I love it. It's at the framer's now! Talk to you soon,

After all these vampires and skulls met on the net on my way looking for fantastic images, your work is really excitingly optimistic and impressive - thank you!

Maciej Kulczycki from vanishing Poland

Hi Frank -- Just finished opening a BEAUTIFUL piece of Dr. Strange art. Thanks for the wonderful addition to my collection. Hope to see you before long --


Hi Frank,
I was speechless when I saw the rough version, and now I am in awe and picking my chin off the floor!!! The detail in this is absolutely beautiful, and I can hardly wait to see it in person. Thanks again for an incredible commission! I will let you know when it arrives in the mail. Take care and best...
- Scott

Wow Frank!

I don't know exactly what I was expecting - but it was SOOOOOO much better! Especially the Elric one - even just the folder case alone looked so great! - when I finally got it open, I just thought WOW! How amazing! I'm so happy with it. The prints are amazing - I love the large size. I think Dragon's Dream and Prince of Ruins are my favorites. I loved the colors in the Stormbringer drawings - (I just wish they were a little bigger though) - I especially loved the cover picture of Elric in the snow.

And you packed it amazingly well! It arrived in perfect condition. So thank you so much for everything. I just love it and I'm really, really happy with it. this is the first time I ever bought any original artwork - it's been a really great experience, so thank you very much.

I have your new book - I was lucky and got the special HC one with the extra section of drawings - I really loved it - which is what made me visit your website in the first place. I really love the emotion you somehow manage to put into your drawings - you can really feel what the character is feeling.


Thanks for everything.


I received the Doctor Strange #1 recreation today. It was well worth the wait. It's gorgeous! Just awesome looking. What a great cover! The comic always looked beautiful but the original art just takes it to a whole different dimension. As an art collector, there have been times where I've been disappointed in the original after having liked the comic page for years. Not here of course, I was just blown away by all the intricate details & your inkwork. Love the blue pencil also.

Thank you very, very much for doing such a fantastic job on the art. I can't wait to get the art framed & hanging on the wall.

Thanks again,
Jim Woodall


I love it! It's amazing how you take the "rough" which seems very tight to me to the finished piece. I can't wait to see the piece up close to get a really good look at the pen work. The ay you utilize the light and shadow sets a great mood and atmosphere to the piece. I especially like the shadow of the ape on the chimney. The whole thing just looks beautiful. the woman's nightgown, the ape's facial features and musculature are just exquisite.

I sent out the remainer of the payment this morning; I'd imagine it should arrive shortly. My utmost gratitude for accepting this commission, I hope you enjoyed creating it as much as I know will in owning it.

--Brian Wilson

Mr. Brunner

The Red Sonja art arrived today and it is terrific. You did an outstanding job with it. I really appreciate it.

Thanks very much.


Hi Frank,

I just received the Get Smart commission and fantastic seems too inadaquate a word to describe how happy I am with it. It's beautiful and you really captured the exact spirit of the characters. I know it's going to make a stunning cover for our program and I'm going to be honored to show it to Don Adams and Barbara Feldon.

I'm also going to refer the fans to the website becasue I'm sure that some of them will want similar commissions. As a long-time comics fan, I've always been a huge fan of your work and I could not be happier with the piece. It's great to see two of my favorite hobbies combined into one stellar piece of art.

Thank you so much!

Hello Mr. Brunner. Received the Death art yesterday, it arrived safely. Fantastic. going to look great on my wall. On to the frame...

Thanks again for the fun experience. I'll let you know as soon as I'm ready for another commission. Shouldn't be too long at all.



I received the drawing (Elf Girl) today. It is absolutely gorgeous -- better than I imagined. Thank you very much for your time and effort. Hope to see you at the Dragon Con next year.

Jeff Sergent

Hi Frank,

Wow - you work fast. It looks great! (How many more copies would Marvel have sold of the book with THAT as the cover!?)



This is some of the best work I've seen. Thank you for helping in keeping the fantasy alive.

Is the Titan image available for purchase? If not, can something similar be commissioned? This item reminds me of Frazetta, Finlay and Fabian all rolled into one. Very nice indeed.

A new fan,

Frank - All I can say is WOW!!!!! I had such a crappy day and seeing such a wonderful drawing puts such a huge smile on my face!!! I'm inferring from your tone (If one can do that from an email) that you're happy with it too - which makes me smile even more. I think it would be a great addition to your website and hopefully you'll include it in your next art book!

I still can't believe how cool it looks!! I'll start saving some $$ for the next commission....

Thanks again - I'm so impressed!

Hi :)

Just writing to let you know that my elf maiden arrived in the mail today. Looks even better in person. :) It arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for packaging it the way you did. Some artists just don't have a clue how to package art and I've received quite a bit of damaged stuff as a result. It's been a pleasure. :)

Erik Sveinson